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With us on your team, you can brew, re-brew annnnnnnd find your buzz. Going digital is a necessity as individual customers, businesses, and government procurement is now digital. 

What solutions can Brew&Buzz provide you?


On our homepage you might have read that "..PEPSI's strategy cannot work for 'COCA COLA's" growth. And this is true. Brew&Buzz can provide you with comprehensive solutions that marry creative content with technical management. Be it designing ads or running them to generate leads, our strategies work. 

Hyper Creativity

Say, you are running an ad and you are looking to make the advertisement more engaging (think of us!), or you are looking for someone who can look into data and see what could work better (think of us again!) - we are here for you. 

We are here not only for business, but to see your brand grow. If you are invested in building your business we will be invested in making sure your digital marketing & advertising hassles are taken care of. 

We regularly work on retainer fees charged monthly and settled quarterly. 

For detailed pricing options, please get in touch. 


This is for you if you are a solopreneur, homebusiness owner, or in the B2B segment. Our kickstarter 2.0 takes care of getting you from physical to digital in just 6 weeks!

Client Stories

Only the latest stories are here. For more client success stories get in touch with us and we will be happy to share!

Prathamesh started ClickSkills and was looking for UI redesigning, customer journey, integrated marketing communications and digital advertisements. 

ClickSkills by Prathamesh

Our team delivered all within stipulated timeframe, and now ClickSkills looks like: 

Year: 2022

We aren't perfect and we did get delayed, but hey, we are excellent learners and we have a winner's mindset. For whatever loss of time, our ads have continued to help Clickskills grow as a brand clocking sales of INR 5m+ in 4 months.

Industry: Edutech

He's 92..He's a sarod musician..He's got Padmashree (India's 3rd highest civilian award)..and His music really makes your heart warm with emotions. 

Padmashree Rajeev Taranath

High performing professionals from yesteryears find it challenging to get online. (Tada! Brew&Buzz comes to rescue). We're currently handling the digital branding, Online Reputation Management, 

Year: 2023

Youtube channel, and marketing communications for Padmashree Pt Rajeev Taranath ji. 

Industry: Music

PACE stands for Prevent Addictions through Children's Education, and is an NGO working Maharashtra since 11+ years. The NGO wanted an online presence, a website, an explanatory brandfilm.


Brew&Buzz's in-house brand StoryCrafters made it possible for video production, post production and animation of the brandfilm.

PACE's linkedin is managed by Brew&Buzz.

Year: 2023

Visit PACE website:

Industry: Social Development