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Digital Solutions to take your business from physical to digital and beyond!

Isn't it time for your business to reach its apex? Your greatest success is just another chance away!

Brew&Buzz is a hybrid digital marketing agency found by Mohanish Jaju in 2021. In the past 18 months, the company has delivered significant results to senior surgeon, physiotherapy clinic, eye surgeons, healthcare brands, notable international musicians, edtech startup, international visual artist, VVIP Minister of Indian state, and Asia's largest credit co-operative society to name a few. 

BrewAndBuzz Digital is here to uplift your digital growth through digital infrastructure, branding, and marketing. 

You may also explore our in-house teams of StoryCrafters Advertising and Media and The Apartment 03 Studio and their offerings.

About BrewAndBuzz® Digital





Personal Brand


Industries Served

Why choose us?

Choose us because we are helping businesses who have burnt their hands on other marketing agencies who did not deliver on their promises. Yes! you heard it right.

Digital Relationships

Build effective digital relationships, be it Doctor-Patient, Manufacturer-Investor OR

Retail Brand-Customer

Personal Branding

Alia Bhatt does not drink Frooti, eat Perk or Cornetto. It's time you stand up for your own brand and brand yourself the right way!

OPD / Hospital / Shop

Beat the competition by standing out so that your waiting rooms are filled in!

Full Suite

Checkout the different industries we have served and ask our team for a full suit!

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