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You know, it’s difficult to come by a job placement where you get to  learn and grow through diverse explorations. For instance, if you are an office administrator with passion for video editing then you might as well get some hands on experience!

If you are someone like what I’ve just told you, then apply to the below roles ASAP! We are waiting for you to join us.

Part-time and Full-time job opportunities

Hiring for hybrid work at Pune (India)


So, far we have hired 1 out of 10 interns who work with us for atleast 3 months, full-time.
If you are interested, apply now.

Office Administrator

If you are someone with talent / experience in people management, basic accounts management, and you are a curious learner then you must most certainly apply for this role!

Social Media Manager

If you love being on and managing digital spaces like Meta, Messengers, Linkedin, Google, Discord, Youtube, Spotify etc. then we are looking for you.

Content Developer

If you have all the basic skills and the eye required to make social media friendly content then you must apply. Having basic knowledge of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Canva is necessary.

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