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London International Arts Festival 2022: Live Stream on Youtube Soon! Curated by the Indian violinist Dr Jyotsna Srikanth, LIAF celebrates the many colourful cultures of the global music scene and its line-up spotlights the best up-and-coming world music bands alongside masters of the South Indian classical world. LIAF is hosted by Dhruv Arts, a UK-based not-for-profit […]

Brew Digital Marketing Ideas Today Onwards!

Before you read this blog, close your eyes and say to yourself, “I will read this blog, list my ideas and starting brewing more ideas, and then work towards fulfilling them to find my buzz.” In this blog we explore 5 Digital Marketing ideas you can use ASAP.  First, let’s breakdown the title of this […]

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Online Toolkit for first Generation Entrepreneurs in India

online toolkit for first generation entrepreneurs india

Since May 2022 we’ve received ample enquiries from new age entrepreneurs, especially first generation, regarding all the technical setups, needs, marketing etc. to run a business online. Since many of the queries revolved around selecting a brand name, Google My Business registration, choosing an online market place, UI design, setting up the online market place, […]

4 Key factors to consider before outsourcing your Digital Marketing work

4 key factors

Maximum entreprenuers, small-mid level companies make a mistake in hiring a digital marketing agency. Read more to learn on which 4 Key factors to consider before outsourcing your Digital Marketing work to an agency or any individual. 1. Experience of team members A number of you might impulsively judge a marketing agency on the number […]

The Premix Company

the premix company blog by brewnadbuzz global

The Premix Company offers a wide assortment of tea and coffee premixes. Their products are meticulously formulated after testing with multiple tasters. As of now over 5000 customers have appreciated the premixes as better than the bigger brands who sell in the Indian market. With experience and belief, Pradnya Mazgaonkar says, “we have a product […]

Personal is the new Premium

The entire business cycle heavily depends upon branding, marketing, selling, and customer servicing. Whether you have a good product or an excellent service, until your brand has generated a certain value you will continue to find it challenging to grow your business. I often see advertisements by Rajeev Talreja, who begins his pitch with, “Are […]

Brew A Beer or Brew An Idea?

Except the creative thinkers, everyone else whom we meet ask us whether BrewAndBuzz is a brewery or a coffee company? The two keywords namely Brew and Buzz hint towards brewing something to buzzing on it;  Isn’t it? Well, to be frank, even when we were deciding on the name for the company we thought of […]