Brew Digital Marketing Ideas Today Onwards!

Before you read this blog, close your eyes and say to yourself, “I will read this blog, list my ideas and starting brewing more ideas, and then work towards fulfilling them to find my buzz.” 

In this blog we explore 5 Digital Marketing ideas you can use ASAP. 

First, let’s breakdown the title of this blog: 

Brew: ‘to brew’ can be applied to making a mix or a blend of different ideas [even though brew is used as in brewing beer or brewing coffee]

Digital Marketing: Whatever business you are running and whether it is in any of the segments (for example, B2B or B2G or D2C or even B2B2C, digital marketing is 100% required! Digital Marketing is basically that line of work wherein you utilise digital spaces (closed / open communities), social media platforms (Meta, Snapchat, Twitch, Youtube), and other digitally powered tools like email, CRMs, and content schedulers (buffer, hubspot, zoho) to distribute content to your target customers. 

Ideas: Ideas could be vague or specific. For instance, you might find inspiration through this blog to the extent that you will pen down ideas to form a strategic plan, or you could take this blog as a template and write your own blog!

Today onwards: Today = the present moment. Brewing is a continuous process of ideating, testing, analysing, interpreting, and rethinking (and of course repeating this process). 

1. In Q1 of 2022, there were 3.96 billion active social media users, the number is just growing!

2. On an average each user switches between 7 social media platforms

3. Gen Z and Millennial social media users will account for 62% of global social commerce spend by 2023. 

Basically, you ought to be using digital marketing for your business growth. And here are 5 ideas for which you DON’T NEED a digital marketing agency!

IDEA 1: The Digital Marketing Setup

When an amateur does digital marketing, the execution is somewhat like this: 

STEP 1. Enlist Social Media platforms where maximum of your friends and neighbours are. “I feel” most of my customers “would be probably” be on facebook groups, instagram, and linkedin. 

STEP 2: Download relevant apps, make a business email id, register on the social media with new id, update bio…

STEP 3: Get content ideas from Pinterest / friends / “famous marketers on IG” 

STEP 4: Download video editing apps like Videoleap 

STEP 5: Create Content > Post Content

STEP 6: 4-7 months after managing your social media GET TIRED, HIRE AN AGENCY and spend somewhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 15000 per month 

STEP 7: Within a year, get funding issues like exhaustion of funds and then … !

Instead, you can do SMART DIGITAL MARKETING as follows: 

STEP 1: Objective (Basic) Market Research

Research your customers, market demand, future projections (data based), and other statistics on portals like Statista, Sprout Social, or Hubspot

Based on the insights, choose the relevant social media and digital media platforms to market your product / service. 

STEP 2: If you’ve done the legal compliances then, list your business on Google (earlier google my business, now shifting to google maps)

STEP 3: Setup WhatsApp Business (and the catalogue with relevant links)

STEP 4:  Plan your content. Be creative but make sure that your ideas become content in less time. You can use Canva or Freepik like libraries to quickly create templates. 

Posting regularly matters. So approx 17 posts per month x 3 months (= 51 posts) would be a good kickstarter for 3 months. Once you have a stream of ideas, then it should not take you more than 2 dedicated days to make 51 posts. 

STEP 5: Schedule your posts via Facebook Business manager (now reels and stories can also be scheduled!) Such mundane work can be done over a week (but stay focused!)


Now that your setup is done, the next idea is to begin marketing: 

Content Marketing works better when you already have a community. Hence ideally, building a community first is more important. 

IDEA 2: Brewing an ideal community

An ideal community is that which would be interested in your product / service. You could have potential buyers or  window shoppers. Both are good. 

Where do you find such people? Well, look into your close circles – friends, relatives, office colleagues and spread the word about your business. If you are already established, then look to join business circles like BNI, JITO, Impower Network or begin networking. 

[For digital marketing you would need people’s consent and their email id / whatsapp number to send them promotional material. So, aim not to purchase a database even if it is for a lower cost.] 

Create a hub where people (who you’ve already sent the messages) could gather digitally – facebook group, whatsapp community, telegram group, etc. You could also make your own community via Circle, Tribe, or Scenes (paid). 

image on blog of brewandbuzz - ideas for brewing digital marketing in 2023

IDEA 3: Content Marketing + Paid Advertisement

On one hand you are building a niche community but on the other hand you must not miss the opportunity to reach out to the masses. 

If you have a Razorpay, Paypal, Wise, Stripe, Instamojo account then it’s best to either integrate it to your existing website / whtsapp or wherever you would like to get the payments. 

Once done, then begin content marketing along with paid advertisement (re-strategising is needed, but best to allow a professional to do that as it requires you to read and analyse data. But hey, there are ample free courses online for you to learn the basics). 

Now that your campaigns are running, you can sit aside and count sales! Haha. I wish it were that simple. Sadly, it is not. 

You might have seen how people respond to ads – there are queries, issues, bad mouthing etc. As a brand you must respond to these in the comments section and ensure that your brand’s image is safe and sound. 

IDEA 4: Email / Influencer Marketing

There is a reason why I have mentioned Email OR Influencer above. The ‘OR’ is because I’m not sure about your budget. If you have little budget (under Rs. 10k per month) then it’s best to slowly build your subscriber’s list and then send them promotional material (best to take people’s consent – better for the long run!). 

Giving it a deeper thought, actually on a small budget (under Rs. 10k per month) you can also take an influencer as your digital outreach partner on a long term basis. Look for niche. Just an idea!

Sometimes people prefer making whatsapp groups – but I’d personally prefer a broadcast group. I wouldn’t want someone else knowing my identity and number in an unknown group. 

IDEA 5: Say NO to Digital Marketing

Oh yes! you heard it right. Given that all the statistics prove that social media is growing faster than ever and building and selling to online communities accessible and possible, I would encourage you to think a little out-of-the-box. 

think out of the box. A man standing in an yellow room opens a yellow curtain to see a. bulb lit in the sky. think out of the box. #brewideas #findyourbuzz

Look at the immense possibilities in registering on local events, put up stalls at flea markets, join local business networks and well you can do so much! Have you seen the local sandwich (A1 sandwich), Pani Puri (Indian Chaat), vegetable vendors selling via instagram? Well even if they are on social media, majority of their sales are coming from footfall at their street shops. 

Just ponder over what suits you the best. I’m not saying that non-digital marketing is more beneficial but I’m certainly hoping that you #FindYourBuzz after brewing ideas from this blog. 

If any need be (or not be :P), feel free to ask your questions BrewAndBuzz Global: ! 

#BrewIdeas to #FindYourBuzz



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