4 Key factors to consider before outsourcing your Digital Marketing work

Maximum entreprenuers, small-mid level companies make a mistake in hiring a digital marketing agency. Read more to learn on which 4 Key factors to consider before outsourcing your Digital Marketing work to an agency or any individual.


Experience of team members

A number of you might impulsively judge a marketing agency on the number of years of experience, or credentials of their C-level employees. 

Most commonly there are companies which have experience and can deliver, but usually you will land up with a company that has experience but does not deliver. 

If you have experienced this then read on, as I will be sharing some important insights on what is experience, how to judge, and what is more important than experience. 

Cumulative experience of team members matters, but most importantly you must check how experienced they are of failures and successes in their career. 

A great place to checkout about each team member / the Founder of the company is Linkedin. In the search box on linkedin type ‘Mohanish Jaju’ and have a look at this profile. It might look something like this: 


Grand Promises

Every company hires excellent salesmen / saleswomen who can bring in great business and thereby help grow the revenue. So, as a consumer yourself you must keep in mind that even a marketing agency will have a good sales team. Why is this a worry? Here’s why: 

1. Sales people tend to over commit just to get an order. If you feel that the sales person you are interacting with is making big promises, then make sure to ask the person a few technical questions. 

Make sure that the sales person is able to understand your problem in detail. 

2. If the sales person is not able to answer technical questions, then make sure that the next person you interact with is able to. Most companies have long hierarchies of employees and many a times it so happens that you will feel more connected with the sales person than the actual team that delivers you a solution. 

Make sure you have your list of problems ready before you ‘feel the connect’ with the sales person. 

3. The proposal sent to you may seem ‘too perfect’. 

Make sure you read for yourself about cost, deliverables, time period and match all that with what earlier clients have experienced. 

A great place to checkout testimonials is on reputed platforms, like Google My Business. If you search for our works then you’ll see it something like this: 



If you ask me to sum up what a great team is, then I’d tell you the following 3 points: 

1. Willing to accept mistake and ask for forgiveness: The team will not just try to prove how they are right and the client is wrong.

2. Willing to learn in detail about your problem before doing outlandish promises.

3. Willing to take that extra mile just to make you feel relaxed when the tensions are very high. 



Personal Touch

In a webinar series which we had conducted in early 2021, one of our guest speaker had emphasized upon the importance of personal touch. In the context of graphic designing, Riya Mahajan had said: 


riya mahajan talks about brewandbuzz global

There are hundreds of marketing technologies out there in the cyber space, but you will always need human interaction to understand and make decisions. But, in the marketing context, a personal touch can be delivered only by empathetic humans. Don’t you think so? Well, I encourage you to try it out right now!



So, coming to the end bit of this blog, I really hope that the next time you find someone looking for a digital marketing agency then you will surely share the 4 key factors you have read in this blog. 



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