The Premix Company

The Premix Company offers a wide assortment of tea and coffee premixes. Their products are meticulously formulated after testing with multiple tasters. As of now over 5000 customers have appreciated the premixes as better than the bigger brands who sell in the Indian market. With experience and belief, Pradnya Mazgaonkar says, “we have a product that tastes very similar to our loved, home-brewed tea or coffee which is so close to our hearts.” 

The Premix Company (TPC) is a brainchild of Parth Joshi (also a Managing Partner at BrewAndBuzz® Global) and Pradnya Mazgaonkar. While both are aces in their own fields of photography and corporate communication, they have an undying passion towards the world of premixes. Moreover, good premixes which remind us of our homemade traditional chai or coffee are a need of the hour. Travellers, job migrants, and dwellers of the fast paced lives are usually attached to a particular taste. If TPC is able to provide you that taste (or vice versa, if you get attached!) then wouldn’t it help you save time and effort in preparing tea or brewing a coffee?

The company makes products/ premixes which are super simple to use. All you have to do is open, pour, add water, stir and drink. These taste similar to your loved, home-brewed tea or coffee which is so close to your heart!

In a blog published by What’s Hot, blogger Akanksha writes, “Drop the struggle of finding a good cup of coffee on the go as with The Premix Company you can carry it in your pocket and enjoy it anywhere, anytime!” All in all, TPC offers great experience and is most certainly a value product. 

Let’s talk a little about the products now. As you read this blog, you might be wondering if anyone at BrewAndBuzz® Global has tasted the products or not. I tell you, and I tell you with confidence that we have and each of us connected deeply with different products. Our top 3 favourites are Lemongrass & Ginger Tea, Vanilla Coffee, and sugar-free Coffee premixes! 

So, how about you now follow this link below to order an assortment and tell us your favourite premix? Whether you #LoveIt or #JustLikeIt do tag us @brewandbuzzglobal on your instagram!


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