Brew A Beer or Brew An Idea?

Except the creative thinkers, everyone else whom we meet ask us whether BrewAndBuzz is a brewery or a coffee company? The two keywords namely Brew and Buzz hint towards brewing something to buzzing on it;  Isn’t it? Well, to be frank, even when we were deciding on the name for the company we thought of this particular point of view. After several sessions of brainstorming we decided to go ahead with BrewAndBuzz for the following 3 reasons:

  1. We are a team of passion-filled creative brains with a cumulative experience of 45+ years in the domains of marketing, content development, communications, and design thinking. So, the name of our company (BrewAndBuzz) had to be a little bit out-of-the-box and creative. How is BrewAndBuzz creative? It is. We ‘brew’ ideas and strategies so that our clients can find their buzz.
  2. Keywords are a great way for people to connect with both digitally and physically. Just within a week of beginning the work with our clients, each one of them re-connects with their act of coffee making and often joke around saying, “I’m brew-ing my coffee to find my buzz”. There you go. We just love this! We love how our clients personalise the name of our company into their mundane acts.
  3. We wanted an action word, which is closer to a short phrase. For instance, what would you tell someone who is dejected or sad or not finding the right motivation to do something or even to reboot? Won’t saying: “C’mon dear, get up, have faith, brew some nice ideas…start working and be consistent, you’ll surely find your buzz” drive that person to actually wake up and start working?

On a different note, we also often get asked what BrewAndBuzz exactly is and does. 

Taking ahead from the above three points, BrewAndBuzz (from our perspective) is a team of brainy and experienced professionals who help to brew strategies so that the clients can achieve a buzz. 

I think I should explain this further and in a little more detail.

Brewing Strategies: 

The word ‘brew’ has been used in reference with ‘brewing a beer’ or ‘brewing a beverage, mostly tea or coffee’. Even in slang, brew means a beer. 

Our teams’ creative brains thought of brew more as an act of mixing something – mixing it in a way to achieve a perfect taste. So, we thought we could brew ideas, brew colours, and brew methods in order to achieve something new – new in a way that suits our clients’ requirements.

Now, let’s come to strategies. Strategies are basically pathways created toward achieving a certain goal. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and your goal is to reach out to quality leads then your strategies could be:

a) make a plan and set a calendar of tasks

b) Meet and pitch to nearest influencers (logistically, so you don’t spend much on travel and hospitality)

c) Set up a 2-week digital marketing campaign.

But how do you decide where to start, and what to do if you get stuck during execution? That’s where we come in. 

We help you to brew your strategies by offering personalised consultation. Furthermore, if execution becomes a burden then we also offer to manage all your marketing needs – ALL of this done so that you can find your buzz!

BrewAndBuzz Global was incorporated as an LLP in November 2020 under MSME in India. Until May 2022, we mostly spent time in conceptualising (we did serve about 10 premium clients!); most of us could not work full time as we were committed to our jobs.

However, in May 2022 we decided to live our passion and dived deep in to it. 


Mohanish Jaju

Mohanish Jaju

I am Marketing and Communications professional with 9+ years of experience in management, digital strategy, and marketing communications.

Around 2008, I ventured out as a musician, travelling across geographies and performing music with multi-ethnic artists and for diverse audiences. With a strong foundation in performance studies, I also led an event management company for 5 years. During this time I engaged actively in business development, artist and artwork management, as well as marketing. It set in me a strong entrepreneurial mindset, with a strong inclination towards business and marketing. Before, during and after my Master's degree, I worked on several management and marketing projects in the UK, Finland, Oman and India.

In 2021, I joined as a MarCom Manager at GWRPL - wastewater sector. In my experience till date I have contributed to the wastewater industry (at GWRPL) through marketing, business development, drafting legal documents, off-site construction guidance for erection of STPs, Detailed Project Report for drain study in urban India, presentations to key officials in the Govt, Industrial and Defence. After about 18+ months of intense experience and tons of learning, I now run my startup at Pune.

I run a startup called BrewAndBuzz Global that offers consultancy & services in strategic digital marketing and content development. We are now a team of 6 and are headquartered at Pune.


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